Life Out Loud


Expensive Fish

Anybody who knows Dustin knows he’s passionate about connecting with others. The Bahamas is no exception; he’ll strike up conversations...

Our First Island

After a rough ride across the ocean, we arrived at our first island in the Bahamas: Harbor Island, Eleuthera. Before setting foot on...

Gift of Being Together

Go to our "Videos" page and check out Life Out Loud Episode 6 to watch the story unfold! Normally we work together on our family farm,...

Along for the Ride

Velocir (veh-lah-sir) noun: a 27-foot Albin Vega manufactured in 1973, built to survive the most awesome adventures life can throw at...

Running hard

It's been sixteen days since we left the farm. This is the first chance that I’ve been able to sit back, collect my thoughts and put some...

Ship It

Start. Just start! This was the advice given to us. You don't need fancy cameras; you don't need color-graded video; you don't need the...

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