Expensive Fish

Anybody who knows Dustin knows he’s passionate about connecting with others. The Bahamas is no exception; he’ll strike up conversations with local fishermen, asking about the best spots and gleaning what knowledge he can. Normally, they’re cool with a ride along and will take Dustin to their special spots.

Richard, a Bahamian fisherman in his sixties, was sitting outside a restaurant when Dustin came up, “Hey man! How’s it going?”

Just like all the other fishermen, Richard was happy to take Dustin fishing on his boat.

That weekend after talking with Richard, the day came to go fishing and Dustin was all geared-up, ready to go fishing with Richard and the boys.

Richard showed up on his boat, but it was just other fishermen. Dustin hopped in the boat and the two sped off in Richard’s skiff.

The two arrived back at Velocir a few hours--and a few fish!-- later.

“This is great man,” Dustin stepped onto Velocir. “How can I repay you?”

“Well, my usual rate is $400 an hour.”

Dustin’s shoulders sunk, “Oh man, there’s been a misunderstanding. I wasn’t chartering your boat.” That’s why Richard didn’t bring his fishin’ boys along. He thought Dustin was paying to go fishing; he thought he was chartering the boat. “Man,” Dustin shook his head, “I can’t pay you $400, that's our food budget for the month.”

Richard pushed on, “Well, I’ve got expenses. It cost money to take you out.”

Dustin replied, “Man, I can only pay you $150.”

“Okay, that’ll work.”

A few hours later, Erin and the Girls got back to Velocir. “How was fishing?”

Dustin pursed his lips, “Let’s just say, those were some expensive fish.”

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