Farmers Sail the Bahamas: Take-2

Two years ago, my family left our farm, ZOE Farms, for three months to sail the Bahamas in our 27-foot sailboat, Velocir.

Before we left, we warned our family, "We're going to be gone from Thanksgiving until St. Patrick's day." There were some nods of understanding, but nobody believed we were actually going to do it.

Come Thanksgiving, it was clear we were dead serious. We said goodbye to our farm and piled into a tiny boat for the next three months.

When we returned to Ohio, our family was eager to know, "How was it?"

We smiled, "We're doing it again!"

Now, two years later, a lot has changed. We've embarked on a journey that has greatly challenged us. I'm not talking about sailing. I'm talking about filming.

Before we left Ohio to return to the Bahamas, the four of us took on the challenge of sharing our life online through videos.

For years, my dad created videos for ZOE Farms' Facebook page and his personal Facebook profile, but this new YouTube channel was an entirely different beast.

This wasn't point, shoot, post. We'd have to film, store and categorize footage, create a story, and send the video to the world, not to mention all the social media involved.

From the get-go, "Bahamas Take 2" was going to be very different.

The new episode explains our first voyage through the Bahamas and follows us through our first island as we return. We share the scenic vistas of Harbor Island and our fun-filled "firsts," but behind the scenes, there was a lot of teeth gritting and hair pulling. We were still figuring this whole YouTube thing out.

This inevitably led to a lot of stress, and after a while, I nearly resigned to the fact that this was not going to be an enjoyable trip. Luckily, my dad helped me remember that we're just starting Life Out Loud and perfection was not an attainable goal.

The learning curve was steep, and we are still ascending, but as long as you, reading this, watching our videos, following our journey; as long as you have a little grace for the farmers behind the camera, I think we'll be okay.

Thank you. Thank you for reading, for watching, for being the first. Here's the magic of being the first:

Your impact is greater than you think. You are forging a community. When you talk to friends about Life Out Loud, you spark a connection. You have the power to shape this connection. You decide whether or not this stays alive.

Thank you for putting the LIFE in Life Out Loud.


You have been the driving force behind Life Out Loud, not only in your partnership with ZOE Farms, but also as the core of our Life Out Loud community. All I can say is thank you for your loyalty and encouragement. We couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to venture into the unknown with.

Thank you for keeping Life Out Loud alive.

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