Finding a Rhythm- by "Captain" Dustin

As odd as it may seem, our life as farmers has prepared us in a special way for living on the ocean. At the farm, we do not show up for work. The multitude of complexities surrounding animals, land, buildings, machines, business and people tosses up situations each day that must be addressed. There is no time clock. The responsibility for everything is every hour, every day. Four fully-grown humans on a tiny vessel on the water, always on the move, presents its own series of situations. As with the farm, there is no walking away.

The wind does not obey our longing for smooth, consistent travel. The water respects the wind, not our desire for a calm night of sleep. We do not control the conditions that approach, but at the same time, they do not control us. We adapt. We create. We endure. A lax attitude and an idle mind makes it a near certainty that the next struggle encountered will be monumental. An attentive, intuitive and patient composure, at the very least, positions us to weather the next storm that arrives on the horizon. Attentiveness is to take stock of all of the things that are within our control and consistently maintain them at a high level. We must be certain that when we need them the most, they are fit for the upcoming challenge. Intuition is to know that in the calmest of calms, the fury of the world is right around the corner. In the chaos of the tempest, to know that this too shall pass. Patience is in the certainty that our only control is in how we react to what comes our way. It’s a rhythm on land. It’s a rhythm at sea. It’s a rhythm of life.

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