Gift of Being Together

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Normally we work together on our family farm, harnessing the power of teamwork. This week, we need to switch up the rhythm and play to our individual strengths. Sierrah tackles computer work to ensure Life Out Loud’s launch runs smoothly. Erin continues sewing a cockpit shelter and rain catchment system for Velocir. Dustin plays truck driver for the week, hauling meat between the farm and the butcher. Morgan finishes high school and re-takes her driving test. Everyone does their own thing.

In the end, we all come together for Mom and Dad’s birthday gift: tickets to Elton John’s final concert in Cleveland; his Farewell to the Yellowbrick Road tour. After watching his new biopic “Rocketman,” Sierrah jumped at the chance to buy tickets to the legend’s final performance, knowing that Elton was one of Dustin’s favorite musicians. Pooling their money together, the two girls bought four concert tickets and gifted them to Mom and Dad in an envelope, with a poem written on the outside hinting at what lay within.

The night of the concert, we go out for dinner at our favorite Cleveland restaurant: The Butcher and the Brewer. Afterwards, we walk to the concert and bump into one of our farm supporters. Great minds think alike! Soon we settle into our seats and enjoy a wild musical ride. The show was an extravagant end to a week of mundane work. The next morning, we drive home in Cleveland’s lake effect snow and reminisce the powerful performance Elton and his team pulled off--all men nearly in their seventies! What great inspiration for a birthday: you’re never too old to do what you love.

What's the most special birthday gift you've gotten? Let us know in the comments below!

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